We’ve already told you about the Mafia Wars Armored Car Blow Out and if you played the game you certainly saw Zynga’s latest publicity stunt – Snoop Dogg blowing up a REAL Armored Truck for Mafia Wars. Now that’s what has to be great publicity, right?

The whole thing was broadcasted live yesterday evening and it was really cool to watch, even though at first there were some problems with the sound – but eventually everything worked out fine… sort of.

Because it was really funny to see that exactly when Snoop Dogg was getting ready to push the button and blow up the truck, the team tells him to move a little to the right and he does so, blocking the view and almost ruining the entire stunt since the explosion can barely be seen. Fortunately, somebody from the crew was fast enough to switch to another camera and show the viewers an explosion. Well, I’m sure that next time Zynga will be more careful with live stunts like this one.

If you want to see (in theory, at least) Snoop Dogg blowing up the real Armored Truck for Mafia Wars, click the play button and enjoy: