With the recently released Storage Cellar in FarmVille, I am sure that you are busy collecting shovels, but also curious to see if your efforts are worth the trouble. Therefore, I decided to make the job easier for you and share the Storage Cellar redeem prizes with you, as well as let you catch a glimpse of how they look like (check the image to the left!)

So, for the indicated number of points, you can get from your Storage Cellar the following:

– Mole – 20 Points
– Crystal Rock – 40 Points
– Miner Sheep – 60 Points
– Cave Gnome – 120 Points
– Antique Tractor – 200 Points

The antique tractor covers a basic area of 2×2, but you can upgrade it in the garage.

Which Storage Cellar redeem prizes did you unlock so far?