The feature that got leaked on fan sites a short while ago, the FarmVille Storage Cellar has finally been rolled in by Zynga and it seems that it will completely solve our storage problems, since it increases storage space by up to 500 items for those of us who put in some hard work in order to build it (or dig it, better said!). If you want to know everything about the FarmVille Storage Cellar, read on this guide!

How to get the Storage Cellar in FarmVille?

You don’t really have to do anything – a pop-up message will let you know that the Storage Cellar is here and one will be automatically placed in your inventory. Just click it from there and place it anywhere on your farm. The best part about it? It occupies a small amount of space, so you’ll barely notice that it’s there! Really cool! (Please note: the storage is only awarded to players level 16 or above!)

How to build the Storage Cellar?

Immediately after placing it, the Storage Cellar will be kind of worthless since it will offer you no extra storage space. So you need to increase its capacity by digging, and that is done with shovels which are free gifts that can be sent in by your friends.

Each shovel counts as one storage space and there is a maximum of 500 storage space you can upgrade your Storage Cellar to. There are multiple ways to get the shovels and you should miss no opportunity to get them:

– You can get 2 shovels as a free gift from your neighbors, via the regular gift menu
– You can ask for more shovels from the Storage Cellar menu – simply click the ask for more button and you will choose a number of friends that will receive a request from you asking for more shovels. In this case you will get 2 shovels from each neighbor, too!
– You can get more shovels for Farm Cash. 10 Shovels cost 5 FV cash.

How to use the FarmVille Storage Cellar?

Once finished, the storage cellar will increase the total storage capacity on your farm to 500 items (currently it is stuck at 200). If you wish to transfer your items from your other Storage Buildings into the Cellar, you will first have to increase the capacity of the cellar to make room for the items. If you have enough room in your Cellar, you can simply delete your other Storage Buildings and the items will automatically be placed in your Cellar. However, you will not be able to delete a Storage Building if the number of items stored within is greater than the number of spaces you have available in your Storage Cellar.

Storage Cellar Prizes!

And there is more to the Storage Cellars and the Shovels which can be used for more than increasing the capacity. As you collect Shovels, you will also gain “points” and you can redeem them for prizes. Have in mind that redeeming the presents will take away the points from you, but not the storage space (or shovels!). Here is a confirmed list of Storage Cellar Redeem prizes:

– Mole – 20 Points
– Crystal Rock – 40 Points
– Miner Sheep – 60 Points
– Cave Gnome – 120 Points
– Antique Tractor – 200 Points

A mighty cool feature, all in all and I hope you found this guide helpful. If so, don’t forget to share the link with your friends, too!