Great news, everybody! Zynga has decided to allow all Cafe World players to build for FREE their own No Clean Fairy (which has a 95 Cafe Cash value!) So read on to find out everything about this magical Cafe World decoration and how to complete it faster!

But first of all – what is the No Clean Fairy? It is a great decoration that reduces the needed number of clicks to cook your dishes by removing the need to clean the stoves after cooking! And that is what you can call some serious click reduction!

As you can see in the image to the top left corner (click to enlarge), you need some ingredients in order to summon or build the No Clean Fairy – 10 of each of the following:

– Pinch of Fairy Dust
– Vial of DewDrops
– Wildflower Essence
– Mountain-Fresh Air

How to get more No Clean Fairy Items? As it usually happens in Zynga’s games, there are more ways of getting them:

1) Receive them as free gifts from your friends. Each has 2 of the 4 required items and can send them as free gifts!
2) Ask for more items from your friends. Simply click the “Ask for more” button below any of the required items and you will post a wall feed asking your friends to send you the needed items.
3) Finally, if none of these seems to work, you can purchase the required items at the price of 2 Cafe Cash each. Pretty expensive, but you could at least lower the total costs if you have at least some active neighbors.

Once built, you can place the No Clean Fairy on your cafe and you will never EVER have to clean your stoves again!

Have you managed to complete this decoration or you’re still gathering items? Also, if you have the No Clean Fairy gift links, I’d love if you could share them with us!