You already know that Zynga introduced Mystery Animals to FrontierVille via the Mystery Animal Crate, but you probably don’t know yet that these mystery animals can be also rewarded to players via the daily bonus feature – meaning that you won’t have to spend a ton of HS to purchase the crate.

Therefore, if you were wondering how to get some Mystery Animals in FrontierVille without spending 50 Lucky Horseshoes to make the purchase, it’s pretty simple: all you have to do is be patient! Zynga is offering these mystery animals as a daily bonus to each and every player, so you will get at least one sooner or later! And once you do, it will be placed in your inventory and ready to use.

What mystery animals can you win via the daily bonus?

All the animals that can be found inside the Mystery Animal Box (Brown, White or Blue Hedgehog; White, Night or Brown Owl and Pink, Brown or White Rabbit) can be found as daily bonus rewards, so be patient and they will eventually come!

Have you received any mystery animal or did you purchase the Box instead?