FrontierVille got extra content from Zynga and we can only be happy to hear that: tons of decorations for our homesteads await us as limited (and permanent) decorations, so if you wish to have a perfectly looking homestead, go on a spending spree and get yourself some of the new decorations listed below:

Limited edition Storesplosion items:
– Delivery Wagon (35 HorseShoes, 210 XP)
– Sale Sign (12 HS, 72 XP)
– Sheriff Statue (5000 gold, 15 wood, 50 XP)
– Lemonade Stand (25HS, 150 XP)
– Fruit Stand (25HS, 150 XP)

Permanent Storesplosion items:
– Can Pyramid (12 HS, 72 XP)
– Crates (3500 gold, 20 wood, 35 XP)
– Sacks (3000 gold, 30 XP)
– Trash Pile (15HS, 90 XP)

Which is your most and least favorite new item in FrontierVille?


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