The Storage Shed is not yet available in Frontierville but it looks like Zynga will be implementing it soon. First Zynga gave us the loading screen that tells us to build a Storage Shed when we have too much stuff on the homestead. Of course there are the words Coming Soon in it.

Although there is no official word yet with regards to the Storage Shed but just like any other buildings in Frontierville, my guess is that it would regard lots of whacking and require building materials to complete. We’ll report on as soon as the Storage Shed is implemented in the game.

Frontierville players who have already logged into the game today would probably notice the Store Tool located at the Tool Menu. But when you click on It and try to store one of your current items in the homestead, a popup will appear and Frontier Jack will tell you to buy a Storage Shed from the Market.

When you click on Accept, this will open the Market but no Storage Shed is found in it. But these are signs that the Storage Shed will go live soon. Does this mean a new goal in the game in connection with this new building?