Now you can unclutter your Frontierville homesteads without selling the unwanted items. The Storage Shed is now available in the Market for 20,000 Coins and 20 Wood. But just like any other buildings in Frontierville, you have to build it yourself.

The Storage Shed requires ten whacks that costs 10 Wood each. That’s a total of 100 Wood. After whacking it, you need to collect materials to complete the building. You’ll need:

  • 5 Window
  • 5 Cement
  • 5 Peg
  • 5 Mallet
  • 5 Shingles
  • 10 Elbow Grease

You will not find these materials from the Gift Page or in the Market. At present they can only be acquired by asking your Frontierville friends for it. When you click the Ask Friends button for The Window, Cement, Peg, Mallet, or Shingles, you’ll have to choose from your list and send them a request for the selected material. When they accept your request, they’ll get one as well.

As for the Elbow Grease, when you click on the Ask Friends Button a wall post will be made announcing that you need Elbow Grease. When a friend clicks on your announcement, he’ll get one Elbow Grease as well. You can only get five Elbow Greases per wall post. You can post one every nine hours.