Now that the Storage Shed is live in Frontierville, a new goal is available in the game. There are three goals in this chain.

The first part of the Storage Shed goals is Saving Space. It requires you to build one, buy a Farm Rake from the Market, and Customize the Storage Shed. You can buy the Farm Rake from the Market for 2,000 Coins and 5 Wood.

Part 2 of Storage Shed Goals is Taming the Prairie. You need to clear four grass and five rocks. You also need to place the Farm Rake in the Shed. If your homestead is clear of debris, you might want to leave a space where grasses and rocks can spawn.

Part 3 is Prairie Potluck. You need to remove one Shovel from the Storage Shed and clobber three Snakes and three Foxes. You might want to keep that space where you can spawn debris so that you can clobber Snakes. You’ll find the Shovel inside your Storage Shed.

Part 4 is Helping Out Friends. You are required to remove the Watering Can from the Storage Shed. You are also tasked to tend four neighbor’s Corn and eight neighbor’s Potatoes. You’ll find the Watering Can inside the Storage Shed.

Lastly, Part 5 is A Hard Day of Work. You need to chop two trees, collect two Spiked Boots, and place one Forest Saw in the Storage Shed. The Spiked Boots are part of the Pine Collection. You can easily find one while chopping Pine Trees.