Zynga promised that they will blow up a real armored truck if 10 million people visit Las Vegas in the Mafia Wars. The event can be seen live at the game’s official website. Well the counter now reads 10,000,000 but there’s not the armored car hasn’t exploded yet.

Well Zynga announced that the Mafia Wars Blowin’ Up a Real Armored Truck will happen on Thursday, August 19, at 6 PM PST. I guess they had to prepare things for the safety of everyone.

This will be the last week for the weekly draw for the ten iPad. On Thursday will also be the day for the $25,000 Grand Prize draw. Check your Mafia Wars page to find out how many entries you have for the draw.

In line with this promo, Mafia Wars players get a free Hill’s Armored Transport (27 Attack 59 Defense). It used to sell for 25 RP but for a limited time you can get one for free. You should head to the Marketplace today. One Hill’s Armored Transport per account only.