Gone were the days of the infamous Counter Strike! One sniper mission is about to start by June thanks to City Interactive. You can call the mission as the Sniper Ghost Warrior; it’s the name of the game anyway.

The place where you would have your mission will be somewhere in South America, some place called Isla Trueno. Don’t bother finding it at the map, this place doesn’t really exist. The fictitious island was ruled by General Vasquez who ruthlessly controlled the island after disregarding the Isla Trueno’s democratic government.

What separates this from the other FPS games is that the ballistic system is more realistic compared to the others. Before you can have a sure shot from a distance, you have to consider not only the trajectory of the bullet but also the direction of the wind and other environmental factors at the same time.

Take advantage of the foliage of the verdant jungle of the island so you could effortlessly “take out” the main targets of the mission. You still have the rest of the squad to act as your spotter. They will be telling you about the different positions of the other enemies lurking around the area.

Don’t want to do this alone? Of course you can always call on 15 of your friends to play with you so you can all together complete the mission simultaneously!