Those who are saying that computer and video games are not as big as us, gamers, want them to look like should think again: Crysis 2 has been teased live in New York from the Time Square, in a hope to build momentum for the announcement of the highly anticipated shooter.

We’ve already seen that the first Crysis 2 image looks incredibly awesome, but now we get the chance to enjoy a teaser video as well. So first of all, check out the Crysis 2 teaser/reveal trailer below:

As you can see, the text at the end of the teaser video points us towards, the teaser website for Crysis 2 which has a countdown there until this Friday when most likely we’ll get a bunch of extra details on Crysis 2, which is expected to be released on the PC and probably major consoles, although the later information is just a huge hope from console fanboys.

Anyway, Crysis 2 looks absolutely awesome, right?