I’ve just wrote a review of Simply Hospital and I’ve decided to share with you some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game as soon as you start playing it. So read on for the gameplay basics and strategy tips to get more money and more reputation in Simply Hospital!

1. Focus on building as many Medical Rooms
Medical Rooms are both Diagnostics and Clinics (where patients are diagnosed and treated, respectively) and you should focus on having one of each room: build them from the cheapest to the most expensive, since they basically show the order of patients arriving at the hospital. Therefore, don’t hurry to have a Dunking Therapy room if you can’t treat a common cold in the Pharmacy!

2. Research, Research, Research
Another major aspect of Simply Hospital is research: you need to keep researching in order to increase the chances of having the correct illness diagnosed and then cured: doing so increases the reputation of your hospital, which results in more patients, which in turn generates more money. So try to research continuously and I would recommend getting all the diseases at around 80% first instead of mastering them one at a time.

3. Keep an eye on the shift statistics
Every time a shift ends in Simply Hospital, you will get a summary with all the stats: how many patients visited the hospital, how many were diagnosed and how many were cured. Look at the stats to perfect your strategy: if you’re getting a ton of Zombie Syndrome patients and just a few Lamp-mans, then research a bit more the Zombie Syndrome, since there’s where you will lose less (or even win) reputation.

4. Hire Your Friends
Usually, your friends are better than the doctors, especially in the early stages of play (I haven’t gone farther myself, but I do believe that doctors you can hire at hire levels are better). They cost no money to be hired and usually work much faster than regular docs.

5. Keep your patients happy
Your ultimate goal is to get the patients checked and treated and you lose reputation if your patients’ happiness level reaches 0 and they leave the line. Therefore, cheer them up (click them and select the option) while you’re playing, or build for them benches, soda and food machines and even restrooms: you will win extra valuable time with that! Even more, you should build a recreation facility for the doctors after you upgrade your hospital, to reduce the time they spend away from their jobs.

6. Send the free gifts to neighbors…
… and hope that they send you some back! Free gifts are a better choice from the obvious reason (they’re FREE!), but you won’t get useful stuff every time. But at least you can get something, which is better than nothing, right?

7. Be patient
Like all the social games, Simply Hospital is a game that progresses very slowly and you won’t be able to become an ace and super player in just a few days. Give it some time, play it at its own speed and enjoy the ride!