Winter is coming in FarmVille and there’s a new Limited Edition collection to complete in the game: the Snow Collection, replacing the Autumn Collection. There are, as always, six collectibles to grab and the list of needed items is below:

Icicle (Common) – 10 Needed
Snowball (Common) – 10 Needed
Snowflake (Common) – 10 Needed
Coal Lump (Uncommon) – 7 Needed
Wool Scar (Uncommon) – 7 Needed
Mitten (Rare) – 3 Needed

Like with the previous collections, you can get any and all of these collectibles while planting or harvesting on your FarmVille farm, and you can also get them from friends who find stashes of collectibles and decide to share them on their Facebook wall.

If you manage to complete the Snow Collection in time, you can trade it in for a really cute winter-themed decoration, the Cow Snow Globe. Good luck!