Hey, farmers! It’s time to plant some crops according to the new limited edition recipes that Zynga launched for FarmVille straight into our Crafting Buildings: one recipe per crafting building, all available for just a limited time, but all here to master! So a real new challenge has appeared in FarmVille – read on to find out everything about it!

Let’s start with the list of limited edition recipes, per each type of FarmVille crafting building:

Winery: Pumpkin Cider (requires White Pumpkin and Cranberry Bushels)
Bakery: Casserole (requires White Pumpkin and Carrot bushels)
Spa: Harvest Candles (requires White Pumpkin and Lilac Bushels)

As you can see, all these new limited edition recipes require White Pumpkins, which are limited edition crops too, only available until December 17th. So that’s the time you have to master your new recipes in FarmVille! Will start giving them a go or continue creating the “traditional” ones?