If you’re having too many chickens in FarmVille and you don’t really know what to do with them, and selling is not an option, Zynga has an option for you: a brand new Chicken Coop expansion to complete in FarmVille with the help of your neighbors.

This time, you can expand the Chicken Coop in FarmVille two more times and increase the number of chickens it can hold to 100!

So… how to expand your Chicken Coop? If you have done it before, you certainly know how to do it now because the mechanic for expanding the Coop has not changed: simply click the Chicken Coop and select the “Expand Storage” option. You’ll be shown a new page with all the buildings you can expand and you have two options to complete it:

– By using the “Expand” button – asks you to make a post about a barn raising. Ten of your neighbors will need to click on the feed post over the next three days to create the expansion.
– The “Buy” button—instead of the barn raising, you can purchase the next expansion for ten Farm Cash.

So good luck expanding your chicken coop in FarmVille!