It’s pretty easy to imagine what Simply Hospital is about, but you can’t really say that you know everything about it until you’ve played it.

Created by 6waves, the game gives it another go for the hospital management genre (brilliantly tried by Medical Mayhem, now defunct due to lack of popularity) and this time 6waves hopes to do better and live longer, stronger and… well… be more popular.

The game mechanics behind Simply Hospital are pretty simple: you can build a several rooms in your hospital, each with a different purpose (from restrooms to shrink’s rooms and fancy treatment rooms you have everything), you need to hire a person – usually a doctor – for each room and then fire up the start button and wait for the patients to come and get cured.

And that part is not very simple: now you will have to start researching different diseases, which are usually funny, from chain smoker to zombie girl, crushed heart and so on, in order to improve both the percentage of correctly diagnosed cases as well as the cure ratio. These researches cost coins and time and you should always improve them step by step, otherwise the patients won’t be too happy.

And unfortunately, that’s about it when it comes to the gameplay. As a manager you don’t have to do much in Simply Hospital, but click a few times the mouse, spend 5 minutes visiting the neighbors and then start doing something else. And I’m sure that this type of mechanic is very suitable for most of us since we have so many other Facebook games to play and time is such a valuable commodity.

However, I do believe that eventually the game will become boring, even though you can upgrade your Simply Hospital and add new rooms, there are new diseases coming regularly – and they require research – but without some other actual gameplay improvements and basically some other things to do that start shifts and collect money, Simply Hospital might be short lived.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s not a nice game to start playing, so head over to Facebook and give Simply Hospital a try yourself! And don’t forget to let us know if you like it or not.