FrontierVille with… animals?!? That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first started playing Ravenwood Fair. And even though the comparison itself is not one that a game would feel ashamed of, do not let yourself fooled – Ravenwood Fair is NOT FrontierVille with animals, it’s a lot more different, but just as fun as Zynga’s game.

The idea behind Ravenwood Fair, a Facebook application created by Lolaps, is to create the best animal fair in the woodlands and impress your fellow (and animal) friends with the tons of fun people can have there. It might sound like child’s play, but when you hear that it has John Romero coming with new ideas and working to expand the game, you might wish to think again.

You start up with just a small area in the woods – the setting for your upcoming Ravenwood Fair. You’ll have to chop trees (tons of trees) and set up paths, place decorations and buildings for your visitors and make sure that the evil spirits waiting to strike from behind every tree won’t scare away your visitors. Also, an important element of the game is finishing quests (or goals, or missions), which as you know already, add some extra flavor to any game you’re playing!

The social element is one of extreme importance in Ravenwood Fair, as many of the buildings can be built only with the help of your neighbors (or unlocked by more neighbors), which might be upsetting for some: just like FrontierVille and FarmVille, Ravenwood Fair will have you posting on the Facebook wall, asking for different items and generally driving your friends mad. But there are sacrifices one has to take in order to have some fun.

And that’s exactly what Ravenwood Fair delivers: lots of fun! It is updated regularly with new content, you have tons of things to build around and customize your woodland fair to your liking and it has that something that makes you wish play the game on a daily basis. So head over to Facebook and give Ravenwood Fair a try. You won’t regret it!