I’m one of those people that was a Zuma addict: I played the game for hours, days in a row, trying to beat my previous high scores, trying to get as many combos as possible and finish with as many lives as possible. If you were (or are) in the same situation, you will be really glad to hear that Zuma gets to a new level of competitiveness with Zuma Blitz on Facebook.

What is Zuma Blitz? Basically, the same thing as Zuma (you control the frog and have to shoot balls to create rows of three or more and gather as many points as possible), but with a twist: it’s a “blitz” version, meaning that you only have one minute to prove your skills and get the high score.

However, you will usually end up playing more than one minute per game: there are all sorts of power-ups you can get in Zuma Blitz, including +5 seconds to the game time and you can, in theory, play even for 30 minutes if you’re that good. I am not since I doubt that I’ve played more than 2 minutes in one game.

Except for the time bonuses, you can get more and more – and your level matters here because the higher the level, the more goodies you can get while playing. Therefore, we have fruits that appear every here and there for extra points, treasures with hidden rewards, bonus multipliers and much more. Also, in order to get as many points as possible, you will have to shoot through the gaps, get combos and so on.

There are also some interesting power-ups you can use (or not) in each game you play and they cost mojo: you can choose to pick a fire frog, for example, who shoots exploding balls, a power-up that gives you some extra points at the end of each game and so on. Everybody can create their own style and play the game their own way.

And if you’re wondering if Zuma Blitz is as addictive as the offline version, probably this will help: I was supposed to write this review yesterday, but I started playing Zuma Blitz…

In other words, Zuma Blitz is an awesome game, especially if you’ve loved previous Zuma games and I highly recommend it to you. So click here to have some fun!