Just like me and half of the planet, you have most likely enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean saga and often dreamed of becoming a pirate yourself. With Facebook just one click away, your dream is really close to becoming reality thanks to Can’t Stop Games’ newly released title, Pirates Saga.

You start by choosing your pirate avatar from a series of really cool ones, setting a name and then setting sail to new lands filled of riches, challenges and, most than all – dangers! The action takes place in really huge maps where you control an upgradable boat to explore the lands, loot other boats, gather resources and receive various missions, all for the sake of some extra coins, experience, and getting you one step closer to your utmost goal: that of vanquishing Blackbeard off the lands.

Pirates Saga feels like a combination between Treasure Isle and FrontierVille, and a surprisingly well done one: the graphics are vivid and excellent, the quests are there to keep you busy and wanting for more and the maps you can explore are huge and filled with new stuff, so you’ll always feel the need to explore some more and see what extra goodies you can find.

The biggest problems here will be those related to the lack of energy: you will use quite some energy every time you perform an action and pretty soon you’ll start wishing that energy was available for purchase for regular currency or at least be allowed to gift it (and receive it) as a free gift. Instead, there are just two ways of getting that extra energy: waiting it up or purchasing refills for real cash. And that is something we won’t be to happy about – ever.

A very interesting thing – in theory, because I didn’t get the chance to test it due to the lack of friends playing the game – is the possibility to play Pirates Saga cooperatively with your friends in real time. So this means that you can complete missions or attack towers or Apers with the help of your friends in real time, adding some extra flavor to the game and making it feel a bit more like a regular MMO where thousands of friends are online and interact with you at the same time. And this should be huge for the future of social games altogether!

I don’t want to hold you here too much longer, so I’ll give you the conclusion: Pirates Saga is a really solid game with very few turn offs I can think of – it has great visuals, an interesting gameplay that will certainly keep you playing the game for weeks and lots of content for you to explore and love. Oh, and PIRATES! Therefore, head over to Facebook and give Pirates Saga a try. Enjoy!