You’ve probably noticed already that there’s a new market in FarmVille. Before getting too excited, you should know that it’s just a revamp of the old store and we don’t have some major twists in the gameplay, but starting now the FarmVille market is indeed more useful, easier to use and follow.

So let’s try and find out everything about the new market in FarmVille and its new features.

One of the first things you’ll notice upon opening the market will be the Specials tab, where you will have an overview of the latest features and new items in FarmVille. Also, below that, you will have a tab of the best selling items, but we’re certainly talking about the ones you can purchase for Farm Cash.

The nice thing is that if you close the market tab and open it again, you will see the last tab you had opened, therefore making it easier for you to keep buying. Even nicer is the fact that most of the decorations have now a “preview” button that allows you to see just how big the item you plan to purchase really is.

Also a really nice feature when choosing which seeds you want to plant is the “Sort by” option: this way you can, for example, sort the seeds based on the ones you have last seeded, making it easier for you to keep planting the same things over and over again (for mastery purposes or bushels or whatever reasons you might have!).

All in all, I must say that revamping the market in FarmVille is a welcomed addition and I’m sure that everybody will soon get used to it and consider it a lot more useful than the previous market.