Even though not as popular as Zynga’s Cafe World, Playfish’s Restaurant City is a really solid restaurant management game and I would dare to say that it’s even better and more addictive than it’s main rival. So if you decide to give it a try, you should know that the Restaurant City mechanics are a bit different than those of other games, therefore you will certainly need this beginner’s guide for Restaurant City.

1. Keep an eye on the Restaurant City fan page on Facebook – Playfish usually offers free ingredients there and you can get them completely free just from clicking a link!

2. Try to keep the shifts shorter in order to gain more money at first. This means, of course, logging in more often, so make sure that you return in time to Restaurant City!

3. Add neighbors and visit them regularly. They are a great source of income if you help with their problems when visiting, and you also get lots of XP poins (or Gourmet Points) when doing so.

4. Keep an eye on the customers’ reactions to see how you can improve – you can do so by looking at the bubbles. For example, if there’s a chair in the bubble it means that your customer doesn’t have a free chair, a babana’s skin means that you have debris in your restaurant and so on. Unhappy customers reduce your restaurant’s popularity, which in turn has effect on the amount of coins and GP you get.

5. Keep trading with other players: you need to get your dishes at levels as high as possible and you will usually lack the required ingredients. Therefore, keep trading with other players, but don’t send stupid requests like a one star ingredient for a five star one!

6. Create “islands” of tables with three chefs and three waiters in each. Try adding more and more chairs until you have a nice balance between demand and serving time.

Using these few Restaurant City tips you will certainly have a great time in the game and get both XP and coins faster and easier! Good luck!