If you were starting to wonder when (or if) will Zynga release their next Facebook game, the answer is right here: by the end of the month, Zynga is preparing to release CityVille, a city building and management game that will, as with all Zynga games, try to get the best out of the existing products on Facebook, add a bit of Zynga’s own spice and eventually rock the city sim market.

According to CityVille Info, a fansite of the game, Zynga has already launched a teaser at CityVille.com inviting everybody interested for the latest news to join their Facebook group and be amongst the first to be announced when the game launches – sometime by the end of the month.

Even though early information about CityVille is scarce, we did find out that this will be the first Zynga game to be released in more languages (including German, Spanish and Italian) and it will have nice new features like a “living” economy dictated by the players’ action in the game world, lots of quests and a 3D engine for amazing visuals.

I am sure that you are, just like me, excited about the launch of CityVille, so stay tuned for the latest details!