There is a new quest available starting today in FrontierVille, a new timed mission actually, the It’s Rodeo Time quest! If you don’t want for this quest to find you unprepared, you’d better read about it below and make sure you only accept it when you are ready!

Therefore, let’s start with the requirements for the It’s Rodeo Time quest in FrontierVille:

– Sell 15 adult oxes
– Ask for 15 rodeo hats
– Ask for 15 chaps

The most difficult part to achieve, if you don’t have them already, is getting the 15 adult oxen which require multiple feedings and can only be fed every 18 hours (you would need a total of 4 days and 12 hours to grow an adult Ox in FrontierVille, if you feed them on time).

Next, you will have to get the rodeo hats and chaps which can be obtained like all the other quest items, by posting on the Facebook Wall, asking your friends for the items. Every time you send one of these items you get one back, so it pays to be helpful!

The rewards for completing the It’s Rodeo Time timed mission in FrontierVille (which is in maximum 8 days) are Rodeo Barrel (new decoration), 1000 XP and 1 dinner. Good luck!