There is a new feature in Treasure Isle starting today, one that takes the shovel from our hands and replaces it with a fishing rod! Indeed, starting today we can go fishing in Treasure Isle and I have created a complete guide to help you get the most of this new TI feature!

First of all, before being actually able to go fishing, you must be at least a level 7 player and invest some money (or Island cash) and purchase the following:

– Strong Fishing Pole (3,500 coins, available at the market)
– have 12 energy per fishing trip
– buy bait (more about it in the regions section below)

If you manage to meet these requirements, there are four areas you can go fishing in. Each of these areas requires from you a different type of bait (which can be purchased from the market) and as you can imagine, the more you spend on the bait, the better your chances for a more awesome catch. Here are the fishing areas in Treasure Isle:

– Muddy Waters (needs Basic Bait, batch of 25 costs 625 coins)
– Stony Waters (needs Good Bait, batch of 25 costs 2,500 coins
– Lush Waters (needs Special Bait, batch of 25 costs 9 island cash)
– Rainbow Waters (needs Magic Bait, batch of 25 costs 25 island cash)

And now comes the fun part! Not all areas are unlocked for you to choose where to go fishing, but instead, the one area available will change at different time intervals into a different one. The areas that are available for coins last fewer than the ones that require island cash, so it’s best to pay attention if you don’t want to spend any real money.

Also, while fishing in Treasure Isle, you can catch a lot of different types of fish that can be consumed for energy. Also, each fish has a mastery level attached to it and there are certainly lots of rewards for becoming a master fisherman.