So, you think you could make the difference for your favorite team at the upcoming World Cup, but you just don’t get it why the manager didn’t select you too? Well, don’t worry anymore as there is the Sensational World Soccer here, ready to help you right the wrongs of the manager and turn you into the only person responsible for winning the World Cup!

Created by New Star Games, the same studio behind the incredible New Star Soccer series, Sensational World Soccer brings back the sweet memories of Arcade football created by the amazing Sensible World of Soccer. This means that the main focus of the game is on the quick&quirky gameplay and simple controls and not on a massive simulation that recreates the teams and players taking part at the real World Cup, so those of you who were expecting a FIFA/PES-like title will be disappointed.

But this doesn’t mean that the game itself is disappointing. No, for those who still remember playing SWoS and who can still enjoy some simple, basic gameplay, Sensational World Soccer is a “return to the basics” with a few modern touches: the visuals are a bit improved, but still have that retro feeling, the soundtrack is amazing and the problem of the lack of rights to use real player names has been originally solved: there are absolutely no names whatsoever, proving that football is actually a team sport and not one where individuals matter.

Jokes aside, there are a few aspects in which Sensational World Soccer fails to impress. First of all the controls are rather difficult to get used with, even though you only have four keys for direction and one that shoots and passes the ball. The problem comes from the fact that if you’re pressing two keys at the same time, you can no longer use the shoot button which is rather frustrating, until you get used with it.

Another thing is the difficulty level – or the lack of realism. I know I’m not really a pro yet at SWS, but playing with Argentina, I lost all the three matches, strangely finding out that Korean and Greek players are as skilled and fast as the Argentinians… OK, I understand that we’re talking about an Arcade game in the end, but a little bit of realism wouldn’t have hurt.

On the other hand, making Algeria the next World Cup champions is easier than ever and in the end it’s the fun factor that matters and Sensational World Soccer excels here: you will have fun in quick matches (once you get used with the controls) and eventually realize that the low price of the game doesn’t hide a poorly done title, just a game that’s not for those who can’t appreciate a retro title anymore…

Sensational World Soccer also comes with a multiplayer mode – unfortunately, only with the Quick Match option, but that’s still cool since you and your friends can test out your skills. Also, as it usually happens with NSG titles, the soundtrack is extremely catchy and well done and itself it deserves an A+

UPDATE: I have been informed by the game’s developer that the problem with players being unable to shoot if two keys are pressed only appears on specific keyboard types and usually remapping the keys will solve the problem. Also, a free update is coming soon, bringing real players into play!

For those who loved the classic SWoS, Sensational World Soccer is a welcomed return to the basics, even though in terms of concept and gameplay, there are not many changes. The game is fun, fun, fun and nothing more!

Final Rating: