nss-cverWell, one year has passed since the release of the really cool New Star Soccer 4 game and we now find ourselves in front of a new release – New Star Soccer 2010, a game I’ve really been waiting to play and enjoy. Was it worth the wait? Read on Unigamesity’s New Star Soccer 2010 review and you’ll find out.

First things first: New Star Soccer 2010 is an indie game developed by the one-man-company New Star Games (Simon Read) that puts you in charge of your career as a professional football player (as in soccer for our friends across the ocean). Similar in concept with PES’ Be a legend or FIFA’s Be a pro, NSS2010 lets you create a football player, join your favorite club and try to become a world legend.

In order to do so you will have to balance three aspects: personal life, skill training and performing well in matches. The first two elements haven’t been changed (at least not visible) compared to last year’s game. The training aspect is time and energy consuming but quite rewarding, at least at first: train to improve your shooting or dribbling, you pace and stamina and all the other attributes that make you a better player.

New-Star-Soccer2010_18112009_161459There are basically two big and really welcomed improvements in New Star Soccer 2010, compared to last year’s version: the 3D match engine now looks a lot better and, up to a point, we could say that it rises to today’s standards (don’t forget that it’s a no budget, independent game we’re talking about here) and is quite a joy to watch, with further customization options including the possibility to change the camera view.

The second huge improvement is the overall game speed: greatly improved compared to last year, it’s finally no longer frustrating and annoying to wait for the game to process matches and save your game and carry on. Now everything moves at a more than decent pace, meaning that you’ll be spending more time playing and training.

New-Star-Soccer2010_18112009_161646I’ve also noticed that the number of supported leagues and overall the database has increased considerably and more divisions are available to choose from, and that’s always good to have in such a simulation game. Of course, there is no license for the clubs (so no real names are used), but that means the least since it’s your name you have to care about and turn into a world famous celebrity.

So even though mostly New Star Soccer 2010 doesn’t bring any radical changes into play, it offers a needed and enjoyable update on the previous title and Simon Read knows about that: that’s why he offered the game completely free of charge on the release day to those who had already purchased it and all new buyers can get it for half its price using the coupon code here. So yes, it’s a real deal after all!

For those who played last year’s game, New Star Soccer 2010 doesn’t revolutionize the series but rather polishes and improves it, making it move faster, look better and feel more natural. For those who haven’t played NSS before but love a game of football – especially a virtual one, New Star Soccer 2010 is a must try. Especially since it’s dirt cheap (just $12.50 using the coupon code above). So at least give it a try – I’m sure you won’t regret it!

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