valve-special-offerEven though Christmas has passed, we can still find some great deals every here and there – on Steam, for example, where Valve is hosting a super Holiday Sale: 10-75% off everything in the store! So if you’re up for some great special offers and you feel like saving a few bucks, Valve gives you this chance!

Lasting until January 2, this Holiday Sale really offers some great deals: for example, you can purchase Bioshock for just $4.99, same as Audiosurf. Team Fortress 2 can be purchased for just $9.99, but you’ll save most money if you go for game packages. For example, the Valve Complete Pack is down to $67.49 and it has exactly 23 games developed by Valve. What a deal!

Even those having a really, really low budget can grab a few goodies for just one dollar: Half Life, Luxor 2, Heavy Weapon Deluxe and the original Doom can be bought for this special price. So head over to the Steam website and choose your deal of the Holidays!