The Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands sarcophagus are game collectibles you can find along your trip within the game. In this article, I will share with you the sarcophagus locations, therefore helping you to get all 21 of them and also unlock the Got Walkthrough? achievement. So read on if you missed any sarcophagus in the game or you’re just wondering how to find all the sarcophagus in Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands.

Sarcophagus 1 location: When you exit The Stables, just climb above the octagonal room and you’ll find it.

Sarcophagus 2 location: While in the Fortress Courtyard, you’ll get to a switch that once turned on allows you to go farther in the game. Beneath the switch is a platform with the second sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 3 location: Again in the Fortress Courtyard, after the floors with spikes, go to the right where you can slide along a series of ledges.

Sarcophagus 4 location: While exiting The Prison, after you manage to roll under the closing door, go right and climb a wall, then go right again for the fourth sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 5 location: Right at the beginning of The Sewer episode, once you’re on the frozen water spout, jump towards the beam, use the frozen water to jump to the beam above the first one and finally, jump forward to get it!

Sarcophagus 6 location: Close to the exit from The Sewer, go to the left, freeze the water and swing over the gap.

Sarcophagus 7 location: While in The Royal Chambers, freeze the water spout with two switches to the sides. Then jump on each switch to activate them and get the sarcophagus from behind the door that opens.

Sarcophagus 8 location: In the Royal Chambers, when you get to the waterfall, freeze the water and jump on the second water spout. Off it, jump towards the waterfall and quickly unfreeze – when you fall down, you’ll land on a ledge that you can climb up to get the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 9 location: This one is close to the exit of the Royal Chambers, in the room with a water wheel. You can see there a ledge than you have to jump off, perform a wall run to the end then jump off the wall to a pole. From there, jump to the ledge and go to its left to get the collectible.

Sarcophagus 10 location: At the beginning of The Throne Room, go up the left wall and jump on the frozen poles until you reach the balcony.

Sarcophagus 11 location: During The Terrace episode, after you slide down the banners and destroy the enemies there, climb up the ledges near the mosaics. Perform a wall run to the right and get the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 12 location: While in The Rooftop Gardens, you’ll find it behind the Palm Tree in the middle of the level.

Sarcophagus 13 location: After you destroy the tons of enemies on the platform, while in The Rooftop Gardens, go to the waterfall to the left, jump on the ledge and then directly to the waterfall. There is a hidden wall up there that once climbed will reveal the Sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 14 location: While in The Aqueducts, after defeating the enemies (and the vultures appear), go left (of the platform the fighting took place), jump down and quickly freeze the water spouts. You’ll then find the collectible behind the waterfall there.

Sarcophagus 15 location: While in The Ruins of Rekem, before exiting the temple, you’ll get to a point where you can go left or right. Head left and jump on the platform that appears there – jump on it, then above and get the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 16 location: You can get it only if you get the previous sarcophagus – slide down the banner to exit the Ruins of Rekem and, in front of the door, climb over the railing above the waterfall and go through it to eventually find the item.

Sarcophagus 17 location: Watch the Rekem Throne Room cutscene closely, you can notice the Sarcophagus in it and it will help you a lot! Here’s how to get it: when you get near the Throne, go left and up the wall made of rocks, then continue forward. After swinging off the poles, jump to the ledge against the wall. Move along and solidify the wall. Perform a wall run to the left and let the prince drop. Then quickly run up to the first ledge. Wall run to the left and jump towards the ledge in the opposite direction. Slowly move to the right and drop on a ledge below, where you’ll see a wooden platform. Solidify it and jump on it. When you’re at the middle of the platform, un-solidify it and enjoy the fall to the sarcophagus. Probably the most difficult one to get!

Sarcophagus 18 location: After fighting the Titans in the Rekem Reservoir, go towards the waterfall to the left. Go through and roll under a small hole at the alcove to find the item waiting for you.

Sarcophagus 19 location: While in the Rekem Reservoir, near the Stone Lion Fountain jump on the ledge to the left and drop down on the rocks. Go down off them and perform a wall run to reach the left ledge. Slowly move to the left along the ledge and get the sarcophagus!

Sarcophagus 20 location: While in the Solomon Vault (after the cutscene and before you rotate the statue), find the wall switch (the round one). From the bottom floor perform a wall run and jump to the pole. The jump to the ledge to the switch plate. Move to the right and perform a wall run to activate the switch. Quickly jump down and run towards the gate as fast as possible, roll under it and get the sarcophagus.

Sarcophagus 21 location: While in the King’s Tower, use your Flight Power to jump across the vultures and reach the platform (make sure you solidify the ground after jumping off the last vulture!) Then go up the ledge and turn right where another set of vultures awaits – go to the top and get the final sarcophagus!

It was really, really hard!