In case our Saints Row 4 walkthrough is not enough for you and you want to get an easier shot at saving humanity and completing the game, we are here to share with you some Saints Row 4 cheats: a series of codes that will give you extra money, all weapons and much, much more. Please have in mind that if you use any of the Saints Row 4 cheat codes below, achievements and trophies will no longer be unlocked, so only use them if really have to. Or want to.

In order to activate a cheat, pause your game, go to Extras and Cheats. So here are the Saints Row 4 cheats that we have at the moment:

Instantly gives you $100,000

Gives you all weapons

The dead rise in the air

Infinite sprint

Notoriety is cleared

Your vehicle gets no damage

Easily smash other vehicles

All pedestrians are turned into pimps and their girls

All pedestrians are mascots

For now, these are all the cheat codes that we have for Saints Row IV. If you find out more, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.