A new, fresh and highly believable rumor has started to flood the internet, one launched by website 4PlayerCo-op who apparently have a mole inside the Crystal Dynamics studio, the developers that are working at a new Tomb Raider title!

The website presented some artwork images photographed with a digital camera – images that were presented as artwork from the upcoming Tomb Raider game. And since the Crystal Dynamics lawyer has contacted fourplayercoop and asked them to remove the images, it is more than obvious that the information on the website was correct.

In other words, even though the new artwork is nowhere to be found anymore, we do know that the new and upcoming Tomb Raider game will supposedly reboot Lara’s origins: it will be set in her early life, when her latex suit certainly held some more firmer… things there and the looks were even hotter than those we already know. Because, in the end, and unfortunately, that’s what Tomb Raider has become: a hot chick selling a game, and not a title you’ll love to play. But maybe the reboot will finally change the style and quality of the franchise, right?