alan-wakeWhat a twist! One of the most anticipate PC games this year, Alan Wake might not be released on PC at all according to game’s lead writer Sam Lake. He confirmed that the developers are currently focusing their entire energy (and probably all the funds) into the development of the Xbox 360 version of the game and only after that they will decide if a PC release (or, worse, a PC port) would make sense.

Speaking with Edge Online, Lake said: “We are fully concentrated on the Xbox 360 version. Other than that the plans are up in the air and open. Once we get this version done we’ll see”.

Asked specifically about the PC version of the game, he only let the fog surround Alan Wake: “As I said, the plans are open, and once we’re done with the 360 version we’ll evaluate the situation and see what makes sense.”

One thing is clear, even if his words don’t say “the game will no longer come to PCs”: the PC version of Alan Wake is no longer, at least for now, a certain thing for Remedy. Or, hopefully, they’re trying to pull a crazy marketing stunt and convince all players that the Xbox 360 version of the game is the only one they might be getting, so that gamers rush out and buy the game. What the truth really is, we’ll probably never know for sure. Either way, it’s pretty sad to hear the news that Alan Wake might not make it to PCs after all these years of waiting…