nuclear-dawn-wallpaperInitially a Half Life 2 mod, Nuclear Dawn will soon become a full blown game developed on the Source Engine and promising a lot of quality. The game’s developers, Interwave, have already released a bunch of new screenshots on the official webiste, as well as promises for more information coming soon.

Also, for those interested in Nuclear Dawn (which, I repeat, seems like a very promising FPS project!), the game’s overview is available too, presenting the background of the game. From there we learn the following:

“The Nuclear Dawn came, and it swept all that men knew in its wake, leaving desolate landscapes and desperate survivors behind, sparing no city, town or hamlet, reaping the vengeance of ages on man’s works.

The tattered remnants of the race that once ruled the planet gathered under the umbrella of the few surviving military organizations, scrambling for survival on the radiactive crust.”

Sounds nice, right? It should be so, and it already makes me imagine an even more action packed Fallout 3 (even though there’s no connection between the titles!). We’ll keep you updated as soon as we have more details about the game which is set for release sometime in 2010.