bioshock2Take Two has announced publicly that they have decided to delay the release of BioShock 2, initially scheduled for November 2009 to fiscal year 2010, probably an late-April release like the successful release of GTA IV. Of course, there are no official details regarding the exact release date.

“The decision to shift a release date is never an easy one, especially with a product as highly anticipated as BioShock 2. We felt that it was essential to invest the additional time to ensure that this title will deliver what its fans expect and deserve. As a result, we will now be launching sequels to several of our strongest franchises – including BioShock 2, Mafia II, Max Payne 3 and Red Dead Redemption – during the next fiscal year,” announced Take Two.

Basically, all this means that Take Two wants to avoid the busy holiday schedule and plans to make a huge impact on the games market next year. Because, let’s face it, just the titles they plan to release next year are strong enough to guarantee them tons of profits. However, having BioShock 2 competing against Max Payne 3 and even Red Dead Redemption might not be the smartest idea. But I am sure Take Two has some solid plans already.

What do you think? Was it a smart move to delay BioShock 2 to 2010?