Playfish have decided to go “next gen” with Restaurant City and introduced Challenges, a series of missions we must complete in order to gain some goodies and increase our self esteem. The first challenge that has gone live in Restaurant City is the Elf Service Challenge and you will find everything you need to know about it below, so keep reading!

Playfish tells us: “Someone stole all the Snowflake Cakes and now Santa’s elves are hungry. Can you help feed them?” In other words, here’s what you need to do in order to complete this challenge:

– Learn the Snowflake Cake dish
– Feed 100 hungry elves to get the reward

In order to learn the Snowflake dish, you need Vanilla, Egg and Cream and it’s enough to get the dish to level 1 (or, in other words, just learn it) in order to be able to feed the elves. However, if you do manage to master the dish, you will feed the elves twice as fast!

The elves can be found in your restaurant, neighbors’ restaurants or even the Gourmet Street and in order to “feed” them, all you need to do is click them!

After completing the Elf Service challenge in Restaurant City, you will be rewarded with a Gummy Bear. No gummy bear song, though, which might actually be a nice thing!

What do you think about the introduction of challenges in Restaurant City?