There is a new Catering Order available in Cafe World, the Baby Shower Catering Order and we have all the details right here to help you complete it as soon as possible. Just read on to find out everything about Baby Shower Catering Order.

First of all, let’s start by checking out the requirements for completing the Baby Shower Catering Order in Cafe World:

– Serve Angel Fruit Cake 113 times
– Serve BBQ Chicken 138 times
– Serve Creme Fraice Caviar 75 times
– Collect 10 bottles
– Collect 10 pacifiers
– Collect 5 rattles

To get the best reward (a three star rating), you must complete this catering order within three days of acceptance. Here are the rewards for all three star rewards:

3 star rewards: 12 catering points, 7560 CP, 113,400 Cafe Coins & Finger Sandwiches
2 star rewards: 8 catering points, 5400 CP, 81,000 Cafe Coins
1 star rewards: 4 catering points, 3240 CP, 48,600 Cafe Coins

Good luck completing the Baby Shower Catering Order!