Gone are the days when we were only allowed to hold 60 gifts in our FarmVille Gift Box! Zynga in planning to increase the limit of gifts we can hold in the FarmVille gift box to an impressive 500, most likely putting an end to all our gift-limit related problems!

Right now, the gift limit in FarmVille is set at 200, but Zynga considers that since Christmas is coming and most likely the neighbors will be more giving than ever, the gift capacity should be increased to 500.

Have in mind that this is just a plan announced by Zynga and it’s not implemented at the moment of writing, but it’s in the pipeline and will come sooner rather than later, most likely solving all the gift issues people were having!

Are you excited about the increase of the FarmVille gift limit to 500 or you don’t think you’ll ever be able to reach that limit?