There were some early rumors regarding an upcoming 28×28 farm expansion in FarmVille and indeed the rumors proved to be correct since today we have the new FarmVille expansion live and called the Farm Estate… but with a twist!

Unlike all previous expansions, at the moment of writing this article, the 28×28 Farm Expansion (Farm Estate) can only be purchased for farm cash – and quite a bunch of it (120 FV Cash to be precise). Fortunately, this is not how things will stay and eventually the 28×28 farm expansion in FarmVille will be available for purchase for regular coins.

However, now is not that time and Zynga didn’t offer any information regarding when will the option to purchase the 28×28 farm expansion for coins be available to us all. We also have no idea about the price, but we do believe that we’ll be talking millions here.

So what will you do? Will you spend 120 Farm Cash to purchase the 28×28 farm expansion early on or you’ll wait for Zynga to activate the coin purchase option?