You probably know already that one of the coolest prizes introduced last week in FarmVille‘s Mystery game was the Unicorn… but even with that on radar, some players were not fully satisfied. Why is that, you might ask? Well, because the Unicorns weren’t producing any foals!

Certainly Zynga didn’t really think of that and maybe it would’ve been better to stay this way – after all, some people could end up paying quite some money to get them unicorns which would be won by others – as Unicorn Foals – for free. And maybe we’re just getting used to receiving too many free things to actually value the goodies… but hey! That’s my opinion only!

And definitely not one shared by Zynga who announced the nice folks over at the blog that they will indeed add Unicorns to the game but it might take a while (read: from January on) because December is a really busy month and there is already a ton of new content scheduled to arrive in FarmVille this month. Which itself is not a bad thing either!