If you feel really lucky in Mall World, or if you just wish to test your luck, you should definitely give it a go in the Wheel of Fashion “contest” where you can win some incredible prizes. I’m sure that you would all like to know what are the prizes that you can win in the Wheel of Fashion game, so I’ve decided to create a list of them all:

Mall Credits: Probably the most wanted currency type in the game since you can only win it here or purchase it with real money! You can use the MC to refill your Energy Meter, buy Delivery Slots and special stuff which can only be bought whit this kind of money.

Mall Dollars: You can use this to go shopping in the Mall or to restock your own shop to make even more Mall Dollars.

Full Moxie: You win 5 stars in your shop for one day only – that will help bring more customers, so you will sell your goods faster.

The Lock: This will unlock a collection from your catalog for free. This collection will not be found in your storage room like it does when you use money to unlock something, but as you will notice later, the collection get pretty expensive.

Item: You can win a special item, every day it’s a different one so if you like the one you see on the wheel, pray before you spin it.

Spin Again: This gets you another spin, so another chance to win the item you prayed for earlier.

Whammy: This sucks! It’s the only one “prize” you don’t want to see the wheel stop at. This means you didn’t win anything so you have to come back tomorrow and pray again. Or was it play?

Which are your favorite Wheel of Fashion prizes in Mall World? Let us know in the comment section below!