If you just started to play the Mall World game, you certainly feel the need to get ahead of you neighbors and that’s exactly what this article will help you achieve. I will tell you some steps you need in order to advance in Mall World, in other words, some Mall World Tips, Tricks and strategy!

1. Enter the game for 5 days in a row and you will be rewarded with something extra for your loyalty (in other words, it pays to be a Mall World regular!)

2. Clean Up: You will find items on the floor from your previous day so you better clean that up for some Mall Dollars and 10 Moxie. You can also visit your friends and clean their stores up for the same rewards. 5 tidy stores get you one point closer to a full Moxie meter!

3. Dressing Room Game: You’ve got 30 seconds to help your customer choose the perfect outfit. Don’t worry, there is a meter on the left side of the screen which will tell you how happy the customer is with what you pick. You have 9 choices for each wardrobe element that will have to match an initial item the customer is wearing. For a full meter you can earn 10 Moxie, 20 Exp and some Mall Dollars. If the meter is not full the earnings will be smaller. You have only 10 rounds to play each day, so use them well!

Tip: Remember what you pick, the customer can return with the same request and they have the same taste as they did the first time they came in. Don’t worry if you don’t like them, you just need to focus on the meter and keep the customer happy.

4. The Wheel of Fashion: Don’t forget to spin it every day, especially if you feel lucky. You have 5 free tries to start with, after that every day you have one shot at those prizes.

5. When you go shopping for your store make sure you buy as many items of the same type as possible for bigger income. It will take longer for them to arrive to your store but you will gain more money. Make sure you actually put the clothes on your shelves as quick as possible after they arrive because customers can’t buy them from the inventory room!

6. The more expensive the item is, the bigger the profit. So focus on getting the best deal you can find!

7. Add more neighbors! As with any social game, Mall World neighbors are valuable and you can gain lots of bonuses from having a bunch of active neighbors (who are a requirement for expanding your store!)

I recommend you, after making lots of money, to spend them in the Mall shop for your personal use. Look for the most beautiful outfit, buy it and wear it! You can click then on the Fashion Show button, enter the competition, share this with your friends to vote for you and have a chance of winning the 100 Mall Credits prize. Good luck!