Resident Evil 6 Coming to PCs, Watch the Announcement Trailer Here

Resident Evil 6 Coming to PCs, Watch the Announcement Trailer Here

I am very happy to announce you that a new Resident Evil game will make its way to computers and consoles later this year. Capcom announced that Resident Evil 6 will be coming to consoles on November 20 this year, while the PC version will follow at a later, but unconfirmed date.

In this new episode, the outbreak goes global and the first information about the game tells us about Leon Kennedy who must make his hardest ever decision when the President gets infected (uuuu, what could this decision be?) and Chris Redfield arrives in China to fight the dangers.

As you can see, for the first time in Resident Evil we’ll have Leon and Chris together, fighting against the outbreak. The result, according to Capcom will be “a giant stride forward in the evolution of the series”. Of course, this means that we’ll also have a few new characters (I’m sure that some hot ladies will fill in the cast) and the classic action-horror known to the franchise.

In addition to the announcement of Resident Evil 6, Capcom also said that pre-ordering from the major online stores (Amazon or Best Buy – click the links to pre-order) will also reward you with one exclusive map that will function with various modes in the game – so Amazon has one map and Best Buy has a different one!

Also, to keep us excited to the maximum, Capcom released a trailer for the upcoming Resident Evil 6 and I invite you to check it out below:

What do you think about the game? Do you like how it looks?