Probably the best ever Skyrim mod has just been launched and it’s name is Tytanis. If it seems a bit too cocky, I can assure you that it’s not and all I have to say is that the mod creators are planning to add multiplayer support to Skyrim. And probably that’s enough to make you keep reading.

Of course, the planned multiplayer support is still pretty far away, but until then Tyranis offers Skyrim players some incredible changes and new challenges: you have access to new and more powerful spells (including an upcoming all time favorite “Summon Undead Dragon”) as well as a bunch of new weapons, like dual wielded magical greatswords.

However, these are just some small and awesome examples of content brought in by the Skyrim mod Tytanis and you should expect to see in the game, if you download the mod right now, tens of new items, weapons and improved perks. And the good news is that more is coming.

So make sure you download this ultimate Skyrim mod from Skyrim Nexus and keep an eye on it because it will get VERY big!