Over the past week I have posted regarding the new announced units for Starcraft 2’s expansion, Heart of the Swarm. Those posts discussed the changes coming for the Zerg and Protoss races. This final post will discuss the third race, Terran, and how I feel about them.

The first announced unit for Terran in the upcoming expansion is called the Battle-Helion. It is not necessarily a new unit, rather a big change for an existing unit. The Battle-Helion is a new ability that the Helion will have in Heart of the Swarm. This ability will allow the Helion to transform into a stronger unit with more hit points. However, this comes at the cost of the units mobility, making it a semi-cumbersome unit.

Thoughts on the Battle-Helion- This is a great change for the Helion. The Helion, as it is, is a great middle game unit, with the ability to harass players as well as gain map control. However, in the late game, the unit is too weak to be used in any army. A few hits from enemy units, or even friendly Siege Tank fire, and a players Helions are dead without doing much damage. The Battle-Helion form will allow the Helion to take more damage, making it a viable component of the late game Terran army.

The next unit announced for Terran is called the Warhound. The Warhound will be replacing the Thor, which will be the unique capital ship for Terran, similar to what the Mothership is now for Protoss. The Warhound is similar to the Thor in that it has strong anti-air capabilities. It is also much smaller and easier to maneuver then the Thor. Though it is more maneuverable, the Warhound also has less damage, range, and armor then the Thor, however in large numbers it will still be very effective against air units. The Warhound also has a strong ground attack that does extra damage to Mechanical units.

Thoughts on the Warhound- The Warhound will do a great job replacing the Thor. The Thor was very slow and easily picked off if it was seperated from the rest of one’s army. However, the Warhound will not have this problem and will also be viable in many situations. Whether is is against a Zerg player’s Mutalisks, or a Protoss’s mechanical based ground army, Terran players will find the Warhound very helpful.

The last unit for Terran in Heart of the Swarm is called the Shredder. This unit is a fast moving unit that has no attack. However it has the ability deploy and do a lot of damage to any enemy units that come close to it. The down side however, is that if any friendly units are close the the Shredder, it automatically shuts off the damage, until the friendly units are out of the way.

Thoughts on the Shredder- The shredder will be very interesting. The ability to deal massive amount of damage to enemy units will allow Terran’s another way to gain cheap and effective map control. However, the fact that friendly units can not be near the Shredder will make it difficult to incorporate it into the Terran army, meaning it will most likely be used by its self