madcatz-logoWith Resident Evil 5 being so popular and successful from a financial point of view, it’s no wonder to see that even more companies want a piece of the pie and they’ll do their best to grab it. And that’s not really a bad thing since it’s the fans who win in this case, even though they have a pay a pretty spicy price for their Resident Evil 5 accessories.

Mad Catz is releasing them under different shapes and for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Here is what you can get to become an even cooler RE5 fan:

Official Resident Evil 5 Controller Faceplate for Xbox 360 – Snapping on to any official Xbox 360 Controller, the Faceplate depicts stunning Resident Evil 5-themed artwork. ($14.99)

Official Resident Evil 5 Faceplate and Console Skinz for Xbox 360 and PS3 – Featuring custom Resident Evil 5 artwork, the highly collectible Faceplate and Console Skinz allow gamers to customize their Xbox 360 consoles. Easy to apply and remove, the Console Skinz wrap around the top and bottom of the console and when combined with the Faceplate, create a stunning themed backdrop. Available in a choice of striking designs, the Resident Evil 5 Faceplate and Console Skinz present an eye-catching addition for $29.99

Official Resident Evil 5 Bluetooth Headset for PS3 – Communicate in hi-tech style with the official Resident Evil 5 Headset which is compatible with the Bluetooth 2.0 standard and with a range of up to 30 feet. The Headset is available exclusively at GameStop stores across the United States and it costs $49.99

Official Resident Evil 5 Messenger Bag – Transport or store your console in comfort with the official Resident Evil 5 Messenger Bag. Sized for your console and accessories, the Messenger Bag is fashioned from high quality canvas and comes complete with a padded strap for comfort. Displaying full color game artwork, it costs $49.99

Official Resident Evil 5 Wall Scroll – An eye-catching addition to the Resident Evil 5 range, the Wall Scroll provides the perfect finishing touch to any gaming environment. Featuring a breathtaking intricate design utilizing official Resident Evil 5 artwork, the Wall Scroll has been designed to be a highly collectible and unique addition to any fan’s collection. It costs a hefty $14.99

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