sony-logoFor the first time in history, Sony, the company which still holds the record for the most sold console systems in the world (with the PlayStation 2) is forced to take some unwanted measures to try and survive this great economic downturn we’re all being hit by: they are freezing employee wages for 12 months and are cutting the bonuses.

In other words, all people working at Sony shouldn’t expect to see any increase in their wages until one year from now (unless some kind of miracle happens) and the employees will also see a cut in their bonuses by 33%. Managers will have an even tougher life, with not only a 35-40% reduction in their bonus payments, but a 10-20% wage cut as well. Ouch!

The report, coming from Kotaku, says that even the biggest wigs will be hit by this measure: “Executives will also be slugged with huge cuts to bonuses and salaries,” it is said. Let’s wish the company and especially the employees all the good and power to get over the crisis.


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