Resident Evil 5Capcom has announced that Resident Evil 5 has become the company’s most successful game ever, surpassing Street Fighter II.

The company updated their sales figures (dated as of 30th September), and shows that the 2009 entry into the Resident Evil franchise has sold 6.5 million copies, which sees it beat the 6.3 million units sold for 1992 SNES release Street Fighter II. The sixth Resident Evil game completes the top three after selling a healthy 5.2 million copies.

These figures were released alongside the release of Capcom’s financial earnings for six month period ending 30th September 2013, which shows a 16.9% sales increase from last year, netting them 53,234 million yen (£338m / $542m). Also improved on from last year was their net income, which totalled 4,950 million yen (£31.5m / $50m), which is up 20%.

Capcom made a particular note of the Japanese release of Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS as a highlight of this period. Being describes as an ‘immediate success’, it shipped 2.0 million copies, and as of the 15th October has already sold 3 million copies. We are yet to hear of a Western release date.

In other areas, Capcom said Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen was ‘enjoying steady sales, and Resident Evil Revelation and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney- Dual Destinies both ‘basically achieving their projected sales targets.

On the other side of the coin, Lost Planet 3’s sales were below expectation, with Capcom saying this was due to “intensifying competition in the European and U.S. markets”.

Capcom is expecting to make a good profit for the full financial year, which ends for them in March 2014.

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