Having trouble beating Rescue Your Girlfriend? Don’t worry, as I have a walkthrough for the game right here to help you escape and save the day. Simply follow the step by step instructions posted below in the Rescue Your Girlfriend walkthrough and you’ll easily beat the game and enjoy the cute ending (or the bad one).

Full Rescue Your Girlfriend guide:

1. Go right and get the sword from the water and the piece of paper from the shelf. Click on paper in the inventory screen and click on it again and get the key.
2. Go left twice and enter the first room to the right by using the key on the lock. There are some pictures with monsters there, you have to click on them in the correct order, posted on the piece of paper. Click on the following pictures and press the symbol to the left: green monster, pink, blue, yellow and black.
3. Get out and enter the second room from right to left (the one which now has a green light above). Pick up arrow from statue. Pick up bottle from the shelf to the left.
4. Go back and enter the third room from right to left. Use arrow with statue in the upper right corner and click on it to reveal a button.
5. Go back and enter the last room. Pick up log, then a piece of bamboo from behind the plants. Use the bamboo with sword and get a stick. Use the stick with the bottle to get it poisoned. Click on the bamboo to the left again and get a green stick. Use it with the poisoned arrow.
6. Go back and left. Use the bamboo with the dragon to get it to sleep. Pick up flower.
7. Go right and enter the second door from left to right. Use the flower on the white rock (where you shot with the first arrow you found) and pick up stones.
8. Go all the way to the right and put the log in the fireplace. Use the rocks with the fireplace and click on the button beneath the green one that starts blinking.

Now there are two possible endings. For the first ending, take the white marble and go all the way to the left (where the dragon is). Place it in the middle and light up all the other marbles and get the code (it varies from game to game) I got 2829, for example. Go back to the place where your girlfriend is held and click on the lock, type the code and press the red button.

For the second ending, follow the same instructions but when you get to the room, get the treasure too. Solve the puzzle in the dragon’s room again (I got code 6310) and get your girlfriend angry.

This was the Rescue Your Girlfriend Walkthrough. If you still have questions, use the comment section below.