Having trouble beating Pasta Room Escape and finding the solution? Don’t worry, as I have a walkthrough for the game right here to help you escape the room. Simply follow the step by step instructions posted below in the Pasta Room Escape walkthrough and you’ll easily beat the game in no time.

Full Pasta Room Escape guide:

1. Go right and pick up pasta plate from the bed. Click on the head board of the bed and pick up the piece of metal.
2. Go left twice and pick up the pasta plate. Click to the lower right of the brown piece of furniture and get blue key. Click on the black box and solve the puzzle (click on each piece until you re-create the picture of a woman – if in trouble, check step 7). Get yellow key.
4. Click to the lower left of the black piece of furniture and get eraser.
5. Go back and left. Use blue key with the blue lock and get magnifying glass, plus the third pasta plate.
6. Click on the lower left corner of the brown cupboard and pick up ninja star.
7. Go left twice and click on the notebook on the ground. Use the magnifying glass with the small image to see the woman you have to re-create in the puzzle.
8. Go right and use ninja star with red key. Go right again and use red key with the red lock. Pick up fourth pasta plate and rest of the screwdriver. Use the two screwdriver pieces together.
9. Use yellow key with the yellow lock and get the thing that looks like a ketchup bottle and pasta plate.
9. Go back and click on the white board on the wall. Use the screwdriver with the spot beneath the chess board. Use the bottle with the hole.
10. Click on the lights until you have written: EXIT
11. Go left twice and notice the code on the screen near the door.
12. Click on the door and type the screen (6358), click the red button and you’re out!

And remember: Especially, there is no doubtful point!


  1. Well… I dunno what to say, Confused. The code was simply there after doing all the steps in the walkthrough…

    And just to make sure we’re talking about the same thing – I am talking about that gray panel near the door, not anything else :) Hope this helps!

  2. Yes, well, I figured out the entire game except for that last code. There’s a row of shapes that are graduated colors, but I can’t see any numbers in them. This game creator likes to hide numbers, I know, but there’s nothing there to see except colors and shapes.

    Oh well — not going to play these any more. Too obscure on the last part.


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