Welcome back to the DMC: Devil May Cry Collectibles series, in this series we show you how to get every single collectible that is availible in DMC: Devil May Cry. With our detailed guides we show you the locations and hiding spots of these hard to get collectibles but you must have most of the powers to get ALL of them.

Now let’s see how to get all Collectibles in DMC: Devil May Cry mission 2!

We start off with Lost Soul number 1 which is located in the first big room you encounter, go through the door that is on the left and go halfway through the broken corridor, you should be in a grapple position, once in it grapple on it and the lost soul should be there waiting for you.

The second Lost Soul requires the Aquila, this Lost Soul is past the Divinity Statue on the upper floor, go through the left corridor and a blue looking barrier should be there, destroy it with the Aquila and the Lost Soul should be there waiting for you.

The Third Lost Soul is near were you first get the Arbiter, once you defeat the enemies go through the hallway and the hall will back away from you, you must airdash to get to it and then get the Lost Soul.

The Fourth Lost Soul is located right after the previous lost soul, when you drop down it will be very visible.

The Fifth Lost Soul is at the main hallway where the kids are playing, smash the door that looks like it has lasers on it and the Lost Soul should be on the door frame.

The Sixth Lost Soul is right next to the previous Lost Soul, on the right there should be a Blue Laser Looking door you must have the Osiris to get this and once you smash it the Lost Soul should be inside.

The Seventh Lost Soul is right on the door frame when you finish the Demon Pull tutorial, this is a really easy Lost Soul to get.

The Eight Lost Soul is when you get to the Main Chamber again. Follow the ghost that goes up the stairs and go through the door that looks like it has lasers on it, when you are inside there will be a Divinity Statue, to the right of it there will be a blue looking door, use the Osiris to destroy it and the Lost Soul should be there waiting for you.

The Last Lost Soul is located after you get the Osiris, you will have to go back outside and cross some platforms by Demon Pulling on them, when you reach the other side you will have to destroy a red door with the Arbiter and a blue door with the Osiris when you do there will be a Lost Soul to the right and to obtain it you will have to air dash to it.

To Obtain The First Copper Key you must go up the large staircase,take a right and then take another right, the Copper Key will be in the small room(these are the directions for it).

The Second Key requires the Eryx to get it, it will be right after the tiny drop and it will look red on the floor, smash it with the Eryx and you should have it.

The Copper Door is located next to a red spot in the floor the door should be very visible while going through the level.

The Second Door requires the Angel Boost, while going through the level there should be a huge hole next to the corridor you must Angel Boost to it and the Door should be there.

I hope this guide helped you get the all the collectibles in mission 2, more will be out everyday so you can collect every collectible that is offered in DMC: Devil May Cry.